Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by the Vegreville Iron Runners Auto Club

The Scholarship shall consist of a six hundred dollar ($600.00) cash award, a presentation plaque and a one (1) year membership in the Vegreville Iron Runners Auto Club.


This Scholarship fund shall be administered by a selection committee which will consist of:

1. President or designate of the Vegreville Iron Runners Auto Club.

2. Two or more members of the Vegreville Iron Runners Auto Club.


The Scholarship shall be awarded to a deserving Grade XII student, male or female, who is registered in – and has completed the Auto Mechanics course offered at the Vegreville Composite High School and is continuing his/her education at a post-secondary institute in the field of Automotive Mechanics (Automotive Service Technician); or Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics; or Agricultural Equipment Mechanics; or Auto Body Mechanics (Automotive Collision Repair Technician); or Auto Parts Technician.

The selection committee shall review all applications for the Scholarship, and shall, when making its decision, consider the criteria outlined below and in its sole discretion give such weight to the criteria as it deems appropriate.

1. A certified statement of school marks issued by the High School.

2. A letter indicating the applicant’s educational and future plans. In this letter, the candidate should include an explanation of why the automotive field or its related fields are attractive to him/her or why he/she believes they are a good fit for these fields.

3. Documentation of acceptance into a recognized apprenticeship program or a post-secondary education institution in the automotive field.

4. In the event a suitable candidate is not selected in the current year, the Scholarship shall be withheld.

Deadline for Application:

The scholarship application must be forwarded to:

The Vegreville Iron Runners Auto Club,
 c/o William Smolak
 5701 – 43A Street
 Vegreville, AB, T9C 1E3

NO LATER than September 1 of the scholarship year.